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The Evendale Chamber of Commerce offers these valuable Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA) Benefits to our members:

SOCA Benefit Plan: This new self-funded health program that can lead to more rate stability and is a smart solution that  offers potential savings for groups with 50 or fewer employees. SOCA has teamed up with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue  Shield to administer this plan and to provide stop loss coverage. 

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield: Membership includes access to quality, affordable health care plan options from  Anthem. As a chamber member with 2-99 employees, you will have access to a 1.4% savings on any Anthem group  health insurance plan through a premium tax credit savings.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield/SOCA Benefit Plan: 
Cincinnati Benefit Solutions 

Chamber Energy Program & Chamber Sustainability Program

The Chamber Energy Program provides energy supply solutions for our members’ homes, small businesses, and large commercial operations. As your trusted partner, we strive to provide education and protection in everything we do. The Chamber Sustainability Program helps members reduce their energy costs by connecting them with effective efficiency solutions and project funding and financing. This program can assist you with solution and vendor selection and ensure you are maximizing your ROI using a wide array of available federal, state, and local rebates, grants, incentives, and other funding options.

If you would like to obtain a complimentary bill review to see if you can save on your energy costs and/or improve your energy efficiency, simply choose one of the following options.

For more information, visit

SOCA Pooled Employer Plan: Under the SECURE Act, the first significant retirement-related legislation in more than a  decade, employers can offer retirement plans to their employees through a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP). In a PEP,  employers of all sizes, industries, locations etc. can join together and become a “member employer” through the SOCA  Pooled Employer Plan (SOCA PEP). The Newport Group the Pooled Plan Provider (PPP) of the SOCA PEP is responsible for  establishment, management, fiduciary oversight and operations of the plan on behalf of the member employers.

SOCA Pooled Employer Plan: 
Dale Essenmacher 

Worker’s Comp: Hunter Consulting Company provides comprehensive consulting and claims administration in the area  of workers’ and unemployment compensations. The Group Rating program was designed to substantially reduce your  company’s rates, which in turn represent significant savings for your company. 

Worker’s Compensation: 
Hunter Consulting Company  

Legal Shield ID Shield: We believe every family and every business deserves affordable legal and identity theft  protection. Including you. No matter how traumatic or trivial your situation, and no matter how large or small your  business, we are here to help. Give Ron Chambers a call at 313-215-5304 or email with questions or schedule an appointment. 

Legal Shield/ID Shield:
Ron Chambers